LS4A - Evidence of Common Ancestry and Diversity

Need help putting together an uncommonly good unit about common ancestry? Check out a video that covers NGSS standard LS4A, Evidence of Common Ancestry and Diversity. Topics include ways to convey similarities and differences between organisms throughout the ages, DNA, and embryology.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Review the video to make sure your lesson plans cover all the bases without overloading students with too many details and diagrams
  • Incorporate Darwin's first phylogenic tree into a discussion centered on how early scientists determined similarities between organisms
Classroom Considerations

  • Keep conversations focused on visible clues to similarities in organisms if pupils have not yet learned about DNA

  • Includes examples of common ancestry that are suitable for introducing the concept to early elementary pupils
  • The narrator shows many helpful tips for simplifying a standard that is often confusing for learners

  • None