Lyle's Triangles

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Try five problems on triangles. Levels A and B focus on shapes that can be created from right triangles. Level C touches upon the relationship between the area of a six-pointed star and the area of each triangle of which it is composed. Levels D and E relate triangles to quadrilaterals and hexagons.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • For Levels A and B, provide manipulatives, such as triangle tiles or cutouts
Classroom Considerations
  • Preview problems to see which level would be best for each learner
  • For Levels D and E, pupils must have knowledge of convex and concave quadrilaterals, as well as hexagons
  • Includes printable worksheets with triangle cutouts
  • Provides diagrams to make problems clear
  • Lacks answers to easily check students' work