Make an Instrument

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Create a little harmony with Amani Project! Young musicians create their instruments using found or recycled objects. As an introduction, class members first experiment with sounds they can make with their bodies (clapping, stomping feet, etc.) and with objects around them (zipping backpacks, etc.). They then move on to creating instruments that they play for the class. Designers use the checklist to ensure they have completed the activity and can earn a badge for their creations.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Begin each of the lessons in the series with a song from Andrew Hwang's music video
  • Print the Amani DIY Instrument Cards and badges on card stock and post the completed cards at the end of the unit
  • Send home with class members a list of materials families could collect and donate for the project
  • Invite a member of the music department to collaborate on the lesson
Classroom Considerations
  • First of 14 lessons in the Amani Project
  • Designers earn a badge for each completed activity that they post on a Home Badge Card
  • The resource offers suggestions for instruments individuals can make with found objects
  • None