Making Rights Universal

Class members continue their discussion of Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). After examining an infographic the summarizes the document, groups examine four of the rights to decide if they are or are not universal, and if they are enjoyed by individuals and groups across the world. A final journal prompt asks individuals to reflect on their rights and others in their community.

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Instructional Ideas
  • The presentation includes the rationales for the lesson, context information, and teaching notes; therefore, preview the slides before beginning the lesson
  • Have groups craft a report card, grading their community on how well all members enjoy the described right
  • Enlarge and post the infographic
Classroom Considerations
  • 11th in a series of 15 lessons in the Standing Up for Democracy unit
  • Requires free registration to access the PowerPoint presentation
  • Lessons are cumulative and designed to be presented in order
  • The plan is carefully scaffolded and rightly detailed
  • The final journal prompt asks individuals to make personal connections to the Declaration
  • None