Mechanics of Elastic Solids

Make the connection between Hooke's law and elasticity with an activity that introduces the class to the behavior of elastic materials. The resource defines stress and strain to calculate the modules of elasticity of materials and also introduces the class to an engineering stress-strain graph. Pupils are given opportunities to show what they learned using a worksheet and homework problems.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Have class members work together in groups to do the worksheet and share their answers
  • Allow groups to create their own problems and share them with other groups to work
Classroom Considerations

  • It is expected that the class has experienced the Using Hooke's Law to Understand Materials prior to the lesson
  • The fourth part in a series of 10

  • The lesson contains a vocabulary list and definitions needed for instruction
  • The answer documents show the mathematical calculations needed to arrive at the solution

  • Does not contain a clear plan for teaching the information
Common Core