Lesson Plan

Media Literacy: Where News Comes From

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What actually happens at a press conference? Make sense of the mayhem with a mock press conference activity designed to promote media literacy. Individuals participate as either members of the press or the governor's office to examine how people disseminate information in local and global communities.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Record the press conference and review it with learners after they've completed the lesson
  • Assign Handout 3-1 as homework to conserve time for the press conference
Classroom Considerations
  • Before the lesson, split the class in half, as one group will act as the press and the other group will play the role of the governor's office during the press conference
  • The mock press conference is a creative way to immerse the class in this component of journalism
  • Student materials are concisely written and the background information for the activity is very engaging
  • None