MedMyst: Disease Defenders

New Review

The news often refers to a team of experts handling situations and outbreaks of illnesses. Young scientists learn about such a team as they train to prevent infectious disease outbreaks  Scholars meet three experts, learn about their jobs, complete three virtual labs, and play games as they progress through the level.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • List other scientists that also help when there is a disease outbreak
  • Invite a scientist who does one of the jobs the video discusses (epidemiology, microbiology, veterinary medicine) to speak to the class about the spread of diseases
Classroom Considerations

  • While it is listed as the sixth part in the series, the interactive would work better before lesson one as it teaches the basics of setting up an experiment and the scientists who work with diseases
  • Sixth of seven MedMyst missions

  • Offers multiple tries to get answers correct
  • Uses different formats for each section to encourage engagement

  • None
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