Mid-Module Assessment Task - Precalculus (module 1)

This Mid-Module Assessment Task - Precalculus (module 1) assessment also includes:

Individuals show what they know about the geometric representations of complex numbers and linearity. Seventeen questions challenge them to demonstrate their knowledge of moduli and operations with complex numbers. The assessment is the 18th part of a 32-part series and includes a rubric to help track the class members' proficiency on the standards of HSN-CN.A.3, HSN-CN.B.4, HSN-CN.B.5 and HSN-CN.B.6.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the questions to create shorter quizzes over specific topics
  • Give the rubric to pupils with the assessment and have them decide where they are on it and turn it in with their answer document
Classroom Considerations

  • The assessment is designed to be use after completing the first 16 lessons in the unit

  • The rubric identifies the standard addressed for each question
  • The answer key shows the work required to arrive at the solution

  • None