Mitosis Claymation Lab Instructions and Rubric

This Mitosis Claymation Lab Instructions and Rubric activity & project also includes:

A single-paged set of instructions and grading system for a mitosis project are laid out for your life science learners. (Note that the page is repeated, making this a two-page document.) Pairs of beginning biologists use clay to model the steps of cell division, taking a photograph of each, and then combining them into a claymation video. Instructions refer to Microsoft's Photo Story software, which is available via a free download, but you could also have groups also use a slide show format for presenting their project.

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  • The total 130 points are broken down into clearly understandable tasks
  • Concise format and clear instructions
  • MS Word document is editable to your specific classroom needs

  • Specific due dates are listed below the title, but the document is editable to reflect your timeline