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Needs of Living Things: Pre-Assessment

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Determine your class's prior knowledge about the necessities of life with this pre-assessment for a unit on living things. Learners draw pictures of themselves with all the things they need to live, grow, and survive. These drawings will be used to both assess their understandings and facilitate a discussion about the requirements of life. Follow up by reading the story Tillena Lou's Day in the Sun, which will be used throughout the unit and provides a fun look at a variety of different living things.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
  • Using a drawing as an assessment engages students and effectively documents their understanding of the needs of living things
  • The book Tillena Lou's Day in the Sun is available online
  • Holding a discussion allows learners the chance to share their work with others and explain their thinking
  • To further assess prior knowledge, consider taking notes during the whole class discussion to record the ideas of each student