Lesson Plan

Negotiation Role-Play

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War-torn Kosovo is experiencing another crisis—thousands of broken-down cars clogging the damaged highways, making travel impossible. Which local auto shop owner will get the contract to clear the road for progress? After some research, individuals work to come to an agreement that satisfies both shop owners as well as the local government.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Instruct students to research the conflict in Kosovo for homework the night before the lesson to save time in class
  • To enhance the role play, assign a few family member roles to clearly define the needs of the shop owners
Classroom Considerations
  • If Internet access outside of class is an issue, review the conflict in Kosovo in large group format
  • The role-playing scenario is emotionally charged and very realistic
  • Pupils practice with a partner one on one before beginning the large group negotiation, which helps them build confidence
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