Nutrition Label Worksheet

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Nutritional labels are everywhere, yet so few of us take the time to use them! Here is a instructional activity that learners can use to practice calculating such features as calories, carbohydrates, and serving size based on real examples of nutritional fact labels.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Before assigning worksheet, work as a class to brainstorm the group's favorite food items and meals. Then, after practicing analyzing labels, have learners bring in the nutritional labels of the original list of foods for further analysis.
  • For a creative activity, assign a project whereby learners design boxes or bags to accurately reflect what the nutritional label details
Classroom Considerations
  • Supplement worksheet with articles or instruction on appropriate daily calorie/carbohydrate/fat intake
  • Worksheet problems based on common snacks or fast food chain items
  • Nice progression and variation of questions
  • Exposes common misconceptions for what items are often considered of higher nutritional value
  • None