Optimizing Healthy Eating Habits Flyer

Instill healthy habits in your classroom with a colorful flyer detailing four key areas in which scholars work towards a positive eating lifestyle. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Pass the flyer out at a staff meeting, and encourage coworkers to hang it on a wall or keep it in their daily lesson planner
  • Send the link via email and direct fellow teachers to bookmark the page or save it to their desktop 
  • Share the information with parents at the start of the school year to make them aware of the eating habits you'll inspire in the classroom 
Classroom Considerations
  • Food and body issues become more prevalent in upper elementary; keep an eye out for individuals who may benefit from a more detailed discussion focusing on positive behavior
  • Teacher points also work well for home life; share the page with parents when needed 
  • Each key area offers multiple tips and tricks
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