Our Solar System Scavenger Hunt Activity

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Send students on a search for facts about the solar system with this scavenger hunt activity. Whether they are finding out how far the sun is from the earth, or the names of all four gas giants, this resource will engage young scientists in exploring the final frontier.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Introduce a elementary science unit on the solar system with this fun activity
  • Allow children to complete the scavenger hunt with a partner, taking turns recording the answers they find
  • After all students have completed the scavenger hunt, discuss as a class partficular facts that they found interesting or suprising
  • When recording their answers, insist that students use complete sentences
Classroom Considerations
  • This activity can be performed inside the classroom, on the playground, or in any other open space on the school grounds depending on the weather and behavior of your students
  • Laminate the facts cards and use them year after year 
  • Includes 18 solar system fact cards that are numbered to correspond with the worksheet questions
  • An answer key is provided for the scavenger hunt worksheet
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