Lesson Plan

Parallels Between Mass Incarceration and Jim Crow

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Is history repeating itself? A riveting instructional activity examines the parallels between mass incarceration in the U.S. and the Jim Crow Laws of the past. Academics review Jim Crow Laws and compare them to mass incarcerations of African Americans. The instructional activity uses primary sources, group discussions, and a hands-on-activity to explain how incarceration has contributed to the racial caste system in the U.S. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Help pupils brainstorm ideas on how they can combat common stereotypes 
  • Have learners create Public Service Announcements addressing mass incarceration 
Classroom Considerations
  • Serves as the night of 10 consecutive lessons that explore Jim Crow Laws
  • Provides questions to help guide group discussion
  • Contains all the required materials and handouts 
  • None