Lesson Plan

People and Places in the North and South

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North and South: two opposite directions and two opposite economic and social systems in time of the Civil War. Pupils peruse census websites and primary source photographs to understand what life was like for the everyday person before the Civil War. Develop collaborative learning and research skills through the provided activities.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • To differentiate for GATE learners, ask them to make connections to today's geography. Where else in the world today can two regions close together in proximity be completely different in economic or social functions? Has there ever been any fighting or tension in these regions as was the case for the Civil War?
  • Flip the classroom by asking middle schoolers to search for the census data at home
Classroom Considerations
  • Book time in a computer lab to complete the lesson
  • Although the suggested time period of two days may cover the material, adding the assessment and extension pieces may cover a longer period of time 
  • Multiple assessment and learning extension ideas create a flexible lesson plan that can easily be differentiated for individuals
  • The activities provide variety in the classroom 
  • Juniors get a glimpse of everyday life through primary sources that engage them with people that lived during the time period
  • None