Personal Morals vs. Political Moves Document Based Essay

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This Personal Morals vs. Political Moves Document Based Essay activity also includes:

Was Thomas Jefferson a hypocrite? Tackle this question with primary source analysis and an essay. The packet includes historical background, a writing prompt, a combined outline and checklist, and ten primary documents paired with questions. This is a well-scaffolded resource that will guide your class through analysis and writing.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Since there are 10 documents to analyze, spread them out over several days of class
  • Have small groups analyze the documents to add a scaffold; individuals can take what they built in groups and use it to support their written arguments
Classroom Considerations
  • You may wish to change the writing prompt to say was rather than is, since Thomas Jefferson is no longer alive
  • The included outline will help learners organize their work and ensure that they include all the necessary parts
  • The provided primary documents come with details, transcriptions when necessary, and analysis questions
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