Points of View

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Cinderella is a classic love story when Cinderella is the protagonist—but what happens if a stepsister tells the story? Focus on point of view with a lesson about fairy tales and story elements. After reading a few familiar fairy tales, kids rewrite the stories to make a minor character (or antagonist) the person telling the story.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use in a unit about stories in different genres (fairy tales), or when discussing story elements
  • Have kids all write about the same story from different perspectives
  • Prompt older learners to complete the activity as well, raising the assessment standards to include more advanced writing skills
Classroom Considerations

  • Lesson is part of a larger unit on mock trials; use when discussing mock trials or as its own stand-alone lesson
  • Designed for gifted learners, but helpful and applicable to language arts classes at any level
  • Requires access to several fairy tales, as well as different articles and stories about fairy tales (titles and authors are listed)

  • Lesson is engaging and thought-provoking for even your most reluctant writers
  • Allows for differentiation, as kids can choose the stories and characters they wish to write about
  • Provides reading handouts for six fairy tales, as well as a presentation to accompany your lesson

  • Assessment is casual; consider creating a rubric for this assignment
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