Predator-Prey Simulation

Do your pupils have the misconception that environmental predators are "bad" and harm smaller creatures? The simulation explains, in detail, the important role predators play in maintaining a stable ecosystem. Through web-based research, the class discovers new concepts about predators and their prey. They conclude by participating in a discussion speculating the future of an environment without predator-prey relationships.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Each individual in the class uses a computer-generated predator-prey simulation, such as one found on the Internet
  • Have all individuals complete research on predator-prey species relationship of interest to them
Classroom Considerations

  • Research local wildlife population and choose the predators, prey, and present issues that would be applicable to discuss while completing this activity

  • Provides a detailed explanation of a common misconception about environmental predators
  • Little cleanup is involved and materials may be recycled

  • The activity is generalized, so educators need to provide more specific details to encourage class participation