Promises Denied

"Promises Denied," the second lesson in a unit that asks learners to consider the responsibilities individuals have to uphold human rights, looks at documents that illustrate the difficulty the US has had trying to live up to the ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Groups look at state and national legislation that denied or limited the constitutional rights of different groups. The lesson concludes with a discussion of the particular events that impelled these curtailments of rights.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Links to the full text of the primary source documents are provided

  • Some of the primary source documents are challenging reading; however, suggestions for adaptations are included
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  • Indian Removal Act of 1830
  • Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
  • Executive Order 9066
  • Harper's Weekly Cartoon, March 25, 1882
  • Jim Crow Laws: Image
  • Jim Crow Laws: Questions
  • Mexican and Mexican-American Labor
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Day of Infamy Speech
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  • Rights and Responsibilities Unit Overview
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