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PS4C - Information Technologies and Instrumentation

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It's time to get technical! Technical doesn't have to be tricky, though—even in the lower grades. A short video discussing standard PS4C, Information Technologies and Instrumentation, leads you through the surprisingly simple side of information technology. The narrator breaks the standard down by grade level and offers suggestions for enhancing your class' understanding of the many tools we use to make our lives better.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the narrator's suggestions for showing the link between electromagnetic radiation and the instruments that use it, particularly if you're not tech savvy
  • Partner with life science instructors to use microscopes; this demonstrates how lenses help humans in medicine and health science
Classroom Considerations
  • Combine the content with that of PS4B to address the standards simultaneously and fine-tune students' understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, a prerequisite for this standard
  • Presents the standard in a straightforward manner, making it seem less daunting
  • The video contains an explanation of how to work the standard into plans for lower, middle, and upper grades
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