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Punnett Squares with Piebald Deer

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Explore the science behind Earth's amazing diversity of life with this lesson on genetics. Looking at specific traits in piebald deer, carnations, and roan cattle, young scientists use Punnett squares to determine the possible genotypes and phenotypes of offspring.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Supplement this lesson into a middle or high school life science unit on genetics
  • Allow students to work with a partner or in small groups during this lesson, discussing questions and comparing the Punnett squares they create
  • Extend the lesson by having students research unique genetic traits of other plants and animals
  • Resource provides a vocabulary worksheet that supports students with defining and illustrating key genetic terms
  • A template is included with six blank Punnett squares for pupils to use when exploring heredity
  • Lesson creates cross-curricular connections between concepts in mathematics and life science
  • Resource offers a lot of great information about genetics, but the teacher will need to present it in a more engaging way