Race to 20

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And they're off! Working in pairs, young mathematicians roll dice to see who can fill in their double ten-frames first. When students finally fill in their arrays, they create addition number sentences that represent their rolls, helping to reinforce the underlying math concepts. A simple activity that offers all primary grade students an opportunity to strengthen their number sense. Perform this activity once as a whole class or as part of rotations before offering it as an option for early finishers during math lessons.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Includes an account of a teacher's experience using this activity with her class, complete with student quotes and work samples
  • Provides a list of key questions to help guide students during the activity
  • Offers an idea for extending the Race to 20 activity

  • Requires the teacher to create double ten-frames for students to use in this activity
  • The Race to 20 Assessment is not provided, but can be recreated from the pictures included in the resource