Lesson Plan

Revolution '67, Lesson 1: Protest: Why and How

To some people, protesting is as American as apple pie, but the factors that lead to protests can be as confusing to veteran activists as to today's youth. Revolution '67 explores the riots in Newark, New Jersey as a case study.  Using primary source documents, a video clip, and a student worksheet, the spirited resource enlivens any social studies curriculum and engages pupils in an exploration of the nature of discontent in a democratic society.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign as a small group activity prior to a discussion involving the entire class
Classroom Considerations
  • EDSITEment suggests this resource for middle school students, but it is probably more appropriate for older pupils
  • The lesson plan is part of a two-part series on the Revolution of '67
  • Links all materials both as webpages and downloadable PDFs for use in either a traditional or 1:1 classroom
  • Includes questions for a teacher-led class discussion
  • Provides learning objectives along with resources that teachers to provide a comprehensive background of Newark in the '60s
  • Some of the underlined links do not work, but all of the material for these links are available elsewhere on the page.