Rosa Louise Parks

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New Review

One moment can define the rest of your life—and in the case of Rosa Parks and her famous decision in December 1955, it can define the trajectory of a nation. Elementary readers learn more about the life and message of Rosa Parks with an informational reading assignment and comprehension questions, as well as an online research activity.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Assign one of the readings and accompanying questions for homework the night before a lesson on Rosa Parks
  • Use as a reading assessment passage when focusing on informational text
Classroom Considerations

  • Timeline activity requires access to the Internet
  • Photographs on several pages are in color, but printing in black and white shouldn't obscure comprehension

  • Includes two different reading passages, allowing you to differentiate easily between reading levels in the class
  • Assesses understanding of the main idea and historical context of the passage as well as textual details

  • None