Safety: Street Safety

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Clearly communicate to your learners how to stay safe while crossing the street and walking alongside traffic using this collection of 24 picture cards. It reviews basic actions like looking left and right before crossing, but also discusses actions we often take for granted, such as stopping when arriving at a street, waiting for walk signals, and identifying common street signs.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Review these steps and terms with younger learners before going on a field trip that will require street-crossing and/or off-campus travel
  • Consider providing these cards to ESL/ELD students to support general vocabulary comprehension
Classroom Considerations
  • Designed for special education learners, this resource was meant to help break down complex processes into detailed steps. Have students attach their picture cards in proper sequential order to a piece of cardboard, and "check-off" or remove cards after they have completed each task
  • Images clearly indicate a particular process or vocabulary term
  • Includes collection of picture cards without words for an alternate activity (see included materials)
  • None
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