Science Worksheets

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If you need an array of worksheets to augment your science lessons, peruse a collection of assignments that is sure to fit your needs. With topics such as metric conversion, the scientific method, textbook features, research skills, reading strategies using text feature, experimental variables, and graphs, kids will be able to see the connections within the vast world of science.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create a packet for independent practice, or use the worksheets as needed throughout your school year
  • Assign as extra practice for homework or as in-class assessments
Classroom Considerations
  • Each worksheet covers a different topic, some of which may not fit into your curriculum
  • Packet is 37 pages long, and some worksheets contain more pages than others
  • Variety of subjects would be applicable to most science classes
  • Some worksheets, such as the reading strategies and text features worksheets, would be helpful in a study skills lesson in any class
  • None