Short Poems Are Scary!

This Short Poems Are Scary! lesson plan also includes:

What do all those chairs and pencils do in the classroom once everyone leaves? Allow imaginations to run wild with frighteningly short poems!

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Instructional Ideas
  • These activities would work really well around Halloween
  • After kids have written about how the classroom comes to life, or described their creepy nonsense monsters, ask them to create matching illustrations
Classroom Considerations
  • Since it has to do with real items that kids probably interact with every day, some individuals might actually be a bit scared of the model poem ("Be Very Afraid" by Carol Ann Duffy)
  • This is more of a list of activities and ideas rather than a lesson plan, although you can follow the ideas in the order that they are listed
  • Covers several different types of poetry (haiku, cinquain, etc.)
  • Encourages pupils to use figurative language and a great deal of imagination
  • Provides a large sample poem as well as very short sample poems that kids can use as models
  • Suggests additional supernatural and monster poems you can read with your class to extend the topic
  • None