Similar Circles

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Young geometers flex their transformation muscles in this brief but powerful exercise using dilations and translations to develop the similarity of circles. The plan provides guidelines to help learners navigate a pair of deceptively simple questions, leading to the conclusion that all circles are similar. Suggestions for the teacher help with teaching methods, possible introduction techniques, and provide a thoroughly fleshed out answer key.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Could be used as part of a development of the equation of the general circle from the unit circle
Classroom Considerations

  • No student worksheet is provided—student questions are under the heading Task at the start of the lesson plan
  • Questions and answers are at a high language level and might require adapting for ESL considerations

  • Clearly aligned to a single standard, with specific directions
  • Learners are expected to explain and extend their thought process, not just give a calculated answer

  • A referenced "experimental GeoGebra worksheet" is not linked or provided, but is not essential to the activity
Common Core