Soap and Water Science

All about washing hands and keeping germs out, this is an interactive great for a science classroom. The juice of the interactive is in the activity game where leaners click on a picture of a city street to identify the 17 surfaces that are the dirtiest. The resource then turns into a demonstration of washing dirty hands and how using soap can kill a variety of germs that water alone can't. Young scientists then watch a Science of Soap video before taking a quiz.

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CCSS: Designed
NGSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Post the link to the class website so that learners can explore the interactive at home in a flipped classroom
  • Incorporate into a science lesson, complete with center rotations
  • Do the experiment in the video at school
Classroom Considerations

  • To acquire the educator resources, you must enter your email
  • Provide headphones for audio access
  • It is a series of nine water exploration interactives

  • Provides a wealth of information
  • Comes with a video, teacher and parent tips, and science standards
  • Perfect for a small learning group activity

  • None