Lesson Plan

Soda Straw Rockets

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Three, two, one, blast off to a better understanding of force and motion with this exciting science lesson! Beginning with a discussion about rockets and gravity, young scientists go on to complete a series of worksheets about net forces before designing and testing their own paper rockets.

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CCSS: Designed
NGSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
  • Test the rockets outdoors or in a large open space such as a gymnasium or auditorium to ensure student safety and to avoid having to move around classroom furniture
  • Younger children will need assistance with creating the paper rockets, consider having some models prepared beforehand
  • Two separate lesson plans are included, one for third through fifth grade and one for kindergarten through second grade
  • Documents are included that describe the alignment of these lessons with Common Core standards and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Includes a worksheet that emphasizes safety procedures for the activity
  • Teaching tips are offered at different points throughout the lessons
  • Rubrics are included for assessing student learning
  • None