Specialization and Trade

Do companies work better when everyone works on everything, or when each person or department focuses on one specialized task? Explore the benefits of specialization and trade in the modern global economy with a explanatory video.

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Instructional Ideas

  • For a flipped classroom, assign homework for learners to watch and take notes before instruction the next day
  • Have class members find examples of real-life specialization and trade agreements to discuss with groups
  • Prompt groups to complete a simple poster project using specialization for each member to work on a specific part, and incorporating trade by having groups negotiate to use different art supplies
Classroom Considerations

  • Sound is inconsistent; some moments are too soft and are followed by sudden higher volume
  • Narrators speak quickly, which may be engaging for some pupils but difficult for others to follow
  • Video is over 9 minutes long, making it thorough enough to incorporate into a lecture and short enough to assign for individual viewing

  • Includes helpful animations, images, and graphs to reinforce the economic concepts
  • Focuses on two important ideas and uses applicable examples to reinforce understanding

  • None
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