Start Networking!

Class members create their own social networks by collecting signatures before graphing the interactions with their fellow classmates. The degree distribution of the simulated social network is determined by calculating the degree of each node in the network. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Repeat the activity several times, allowing for the same amount of time to gather signatures and compare degree distributions
  • Use the pupils' Facebook friends or SnapChat friends to create the network graphs
Classroom Considerations
  • For large classes, it would be better to divide the class into smaller groups before beginning the activity
  • The second installment in a four-part series
  • The resource contains sample answers to the discussion questions used as assessments
  • The engineering connection section explains how the activity pertains to the field of engineering
  • The activity, as outlined, only has one pupil draw the graph and calculate the degrees