Lesson Plan

Thanksgiving 3—Traditions

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Thanksgiving is a treasured national holiday, but it can look different from table to table. Through a reading passage, real-world images, and class discussion, scholars take a look into Thanksgiving's importance to the United States of America and the traditional foods devoured at the family table. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Invite pupils to share their Thanksgiving customs and traditions
  • Use the Civics Test Question as an exit ticket at the end of the lesson, or post it on a classroom blog for scholars to answers at home 
  • Ask scholars to share what they are thankful for and display their responses on a Thanksgiving-themed bulletin board 
Classroom Considerations
  • References previous lessons in a series that aren't provided; however, this does not take away from implementing a successful lesson 
  • Some pictures on the fourth page reveal dead turkeys or people holding turkeys
  • Consider classroom allergies prior to bringing in food 
  • Provides detailed lesson directions 
  • The answer key provides a note to teachers for the fourth and fifth handout pages
  • The worksheet and answer key's overall design appears amateur