Lesson Plan

The Case of the Wacky Water Cycle

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This The Case of the Wacky Water Cycle lesson plan also includes:

Join the tree house detectives in learning about the processes of the water cycle, water conservation, water treatment, and water as a limited resource.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the lessons and activities individually to supplement classroom instruction on the water cycle, water pollution, and water conservation topics
  • A calculator may be helpful to make calculations in some lessons
  • Reserve time in the computer lab for Internet-based activities
Classroom Considerations
  • There are four segments with a combined total of 23 lessons and activities
  • Students should write notes, record observations, and answer questions in their science journals
  • Review all materials in each lesson prior to teaching
  • A pH kit is necessary for some of the activities
  • Each lesson is organized with procedures, materials, outcomes, and extension ideas
  • Answer keys are provided
  • None