The Cell: the Building Blocks of Life

This The Cell: the Building Blocks of Life unit also includes:

Do you have early finishers asking what they can do next, or any budding scientists eager to learn more about plant and animal cells? Then here is a cell unit for you! The packet provides scholars with everything they need in order to create three models of a cell, and conduct two labs on cell osmosis and diffusion.   

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Instructional Ideas

  • Provide extension activities to be completed at home over a long holiday break, or to a class member in need of independent study materials
  • Set up science centers in the classroom or science lab; choose activities to be completed in one, or more, center while lab work and/or experiments are being conducted in others 
Classroom Considerations

  • If implementing the assessment rubric, be sure to adjust scoring according to the lessons you choose to conduct 
  • This unit was designed to meet the needs of students who are classified as GATE; however, the lessons can be completed by learners that are capable of self-guided, independent work
  • Materials for cell model building and lab work, as well as copies are required

  • Assessment tips, tricks, and rubrics are included
  • Extension activities and links are provided 

  • Some links within the resource do no work; however, working links can be found below in Included Materials