Lesson Plan

The Challenge of Selecting an Ideal Supreme Court Nominee

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Nearly every president has had the opportunity to name a nominee to the United States Supreme Court. But what makes someone an ideal candidate to become a Supreme Court justice? High schoolers test their prior knowledge about the Supreme Court before working together to create a resume for the next nominee using a collaborated list of criteria. After small groups present their fictional nominees, they write an essay to select the best nominee from all presented.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the knowledge assessment to introduce a unit on the Supreme Court or the Judicial Branch of government
  • Have learners conduct additional research using the provided links
Classroom Considerations
  • Supplement the activity with more information about current Supreme Court appointments and nominees
  • Helpful during a presidential election or when discussing the three branches of government
  • Assessment includes interesting pieces of political trivia
  • Lesson is general enough to account for any era of the Supreme Court
  • Creative, educational, collaborative, and relevant
  • None
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