The Graph of a Linear Equation in Two Variables

Add more points on the graph ... and it still remains a line! The 13th installment in a series of 33 leads the class to the understanding that the graph of linear equation is a line. Pupils find several solutions to a two-variable linear equation and plot them on the coordinate plane. They determine what the shape of the graph appears to be and verify by adding more solutions to the graph.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use graphing software to graph distinct points of a variety of types of equations to compare to linear equations
Classroom Considerations

  • Class members should be able to solve equations in one variable
  • The class should be familiar with the coordinate plane

  • The answer key shows the steps needed to solve the equations
  • Questions require the scholars to justify their answers

  • The lesson does not exactly match the standard since the graphs are not proportional relationships
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