Lesson Plan

The Invention of the Telephone

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All of the people in your class would agree that life would be different without the invention of the telephone! Study Alexander Graham Bell's most famous and influential invention through the primary source document of his sketch of the telephone. After analyzing and recording their observations of the sketch, class members create a document using a word processor to detail the timeline of the telephone's evolution.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have pupils turn the short answer questions on the last worksheet into longer reflective essays
  • Encourage learners to work on the assignment in class with your classroom tablets, in a computer lab, or at home with their own electronic devices
  • Use in a science class when discussing engineering and technology, or in a social studies unit about American inventors
Classroom Considerations
  • Consider projecting Bell's sketch for all to see, rather than printing copies for each learner in the class
  • The lesson requires access to the internet and a word processor
  • Provides multiple opportunities for additional research
  • Combines technical skills with critical analysis, making it a great resource when teaching 21st century skills
  • None