Lesson Plan

The New Order for "Greater East Asia"

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Sometimes the New Order becomes synonymous with its implications for European countries, but what about its consequences for East Asia? The final instructional activity in a four-part series teaches scholars about World War II. High schoolers map and visualize how imperialism affected decisions, test how the values of the Grand Alliance held up post World War II, and participate in an engaging classroom discussion.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Extend learning by assigning a reflection essay or journal entry after the class discussion or ask scholars to reflect on their thoughts and write down something surprising they learned
  • Differentiate learning for English learners by offering visual aids and note cards during class discussion
Classroom Considerations
  • Meant to be the last in a series of four; to teach as a standalone, you may need to make some adjustments
  • Multiple ways to effectively group students and options for classroom readings give flexibility in the classroom
  • Assessment questions do not have a corresponding answer key