The Power of Point of View

This The Power of Point of View unit also includes:

Sometimes a whole story can change based on the perspective of the person telling it. Practice identifying and analyzing point of view in various reading passages and writing assignments with a language arts packet, complete with Common Core standards alignment and essential questions to guide your teaching.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use parts of the packet as they connect to your language arts curriculum, or use the unit as a whole
  • Send home the extension activities for extra practice
  • Bring the reading activities to a literacy center or language arts assessment
Classroom Considerations

  • Unit is organized by skill and text in a 15-day schedule; use it the way it is presented, or change the order based on your instruction schedule
  • Designed for seventh grade, but works well in an eighth grade or even high school classroom

  • Unit is thorough and comprehensive for any middle school classroom
  • Prompts critical thinking and literary analysis in different genres
  • Comes with all necessary worksheets and texts within the packet

  • None