The Water Cycle Game

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Take young scientists on a trip through the water cycle with this interactive science activity. After setting up a series of ten stations representing the different places water can be found, children use the included printable dice to move between locations individually as water vapor or in pairs as drops of water.

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Create a graphic organizer that allows students to record their movements during the water cycle simulation
  • Reinforce the exchange of energy within the water cycle by having students hold signs that indicate whether they are moving as drop of water or water vapor
  • Use this activity to introduce the terms condensationevaporationprecipitation, and transpiration
Classroom Considerations
  • Depending on your school site and local weather, perform this activity outdoors on the playground or other open space
  • Activity requires the preparation of 10 paper dice; save time by asking for help from a parent and/or student volunteer, or a classroom aide
  • Activity kinesthetically engages children in learning about the water cycle
  • Includes a template with instructions for preparing a set of paper dice for the activity
  • Labels are provided for the different water location stations, each with a supporting picture
  • Resource mentions a water cycle table that is not included with the other supporting materials, but the activity can be performed without it