Lesson Plan

Things Change, Things Stay the Same

Securing women the right to vote was a long time coming. Over the years, some aspects of the suffrage movement changed, and some things remained the same. Pupils research three time periods and collect evidence of key people, strategies, arguments, conflicts, and obstacles bout women's suffrage. They then reflect on what might explain why things either stayed the same or differed from one time period to another.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups investigate the arguments for and against the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and compare those current arguments to those offered when the amendment was first introduced
Classroom Considerations
  • Preparation includes copies, one per participant, of the "Change/Continuity" worksheet
  • A free membership is required to access the information on NewseumED's women's suffrage timeline
  • Class members need devices with internet
  • Includes an example worksheet to use as a model
  • Encourages scholars to consider the political and cultural factors that promote change and those that support the status quo
  • None