Tips for working with participants with Autism

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Everyday life can be overwhelming for a student with autism spectrum disorder. An informative presentation guides teachers through definitions of common attributes associated with autism, as well as ways to meet sensory needs to encourage class participation.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Present in an educational conference or professional development seminar
  • Provide the tips to parents who are struggling with their child's behavior
  • Have small groups of teachers work together on the assessment slide before they view the rest of the presentation, and then check their answers against what they have learned
Classroom Considerations
  • Based on Why Does He/She Act That Way? Unlocking the Secrets of our Participants with Autism by Julia A. Turnbull
  • Addresses common attributes of autistic learners, as well as applicable tips for working with them in various contexts
  • Helpful for educators who are teaching students with autism for the first time
  • Includes characteristics of children who are both under responsive and over responsive to sensory stimuli
  • Contains some typos (e.g. nosy instead of noisy, many instead of may)
  • Explanations of interventions are not very detailed