Treasure Hunt—Finite-State Automata

This Treasure Hunt—Finite-State Automata activity & project also includes:

Introduce your class to the concept of finite-state automata with an activity that asks individuals to try to map their way to Treasure Island by taking different routes though an island chain. Each island has two ship sailing to different islands. Once pupils map the travel paths, they search for the most efficient method to get to Treasure Island.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have the class come up with places that they have run across finite-state automata
Classroom Considerations

  • Make copies of the island cards and worksheet
  • Clipboard will make it easier for the pupils to create their maps

  • Provides a shortened version of the activity to explain the directions for the task
  • The video provides an overview of how the activity runs
  • Additional activities have pupils creating their own treasure maps 

  • None