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Ugly History: Japanese American Incarceration Camps

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When Aki Kurose was 16 years old, her family was forced to relocate from their home in Seattle with other Japanese Americans. The government feared that despite their loyalty to the United States, they were operating on behalf of the Japanese government. After the war, they were given $25 and a train ticket home, but many could not rebuild their lives. A TedTalk video and discussion questions help learners explore the sad period of American history using the story of one human rights activist.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use included comprehension and discussion questions to evaluate the government's decision to inter Japanese Americans during World War II
  • Offer the video as an introduction to a study of the home front during World War II
Classroom Considerations
  • Creating a free account allows access to additional lesson plan materials written by other teachers
  • Animation is easy to follow
  • Video makes connections to other Civil Rights movements
  • Cartoon story is visually gripping for pupils
  • None