Uniform Circular Motion

Round and round and round you go! Lead the way as your class explores centrifugal force, the fictitious force responsible for an abundance of activities performed by individuals every day. They discuss the correlation between centripetal force and centrifugal force as they determine which one is responsible for elements that move in uniform circular motion.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have the class divide into groups and perform a skit to differentiate between centrifugal and centripetal force
  • Research the history of centrifugal force and how it is an important part of modern science
Classroom Considerations

  • Assist all classmates with definitions of any terms that seem fuzzy to ensure they understand all of the material

  • Explain in detail the difference between centrifugal and centripetal force to help learners differentiate between the two
  • Short length of video segment allows time to continue with additional examples so concepts may be expanded upon if needed

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