Usain Bolt vs. Gravity

How fast is fast? Can a mortal man really beat nature? Pupils explore the concepts of gravity, distance, and falling objects featuring gold medalist Usain Bolt. The narrator details the outcome of Bolt in a foot race against a falling rock, as well as the same experiment using an Olympic diver.

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Instructional Ideas
  • For a fun class warm-up, challenge students to a pencil drop and have them record how many times they can catch it after a drop; while they drop and catch, ask them to observe how changing the amount of time they wait until they try to catch the pencil affects their number of catches
  • Follow the video with a clip of Usain Bolt in action during the 2016 Olympic games
Classroom Considerations
  • Little prior knowledge is required to enjoy the resource
  • Funny illustrations aid in showing the differences between falling and diving, ensuring learners can explain both outcomes
  • Featuring Usain Bolt in the lesson increases the interest level
  • None