Lesson Plan

Using Photographs to Teach Social Justice | Exposing Gender Bias

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This Using Photographs to Teach Social Justice | Exposing Gender Bias lesson plan also includes:

Young sociologists are asked to read two photographs, identifying how the photographer uses point of view, color, pose, light, and shadow to express a stereotype of women or to challenge those stereotypes. Partners then create their own pair of images, including one that reveals and one that challenges a stereotypical representation of women.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Invite a member of the art department to discuss the techniques photographers employ to create various moods
Classroom Considerations
  • The fifth in a series of social justice resources that use photographs to launch the lessons
  • Assumes ground rules are in place to ensure safe and respectful discussions
  • Requires either computer access or magazines to find appropriate photographs
  • Includes questions that help learners deconstruct the photographs
  • The lesson ends with the class brainstorming ways to change gender stereotypes and then selecting one of the ideas to work on
  • None