Using Positive Self-Talk

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Boost positive self-talk with a chart that turns negative feelings into happy ones. Scholars write down their negative emotions then rewrite them with a positive flair to aid in changing their outlook. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Make a table as a class, display it as a reminder for learners to use positive self-talk 
  • Direct class members to keep their chart in their binder and add to it whenever they are need of positive self-talk 
  • Invite the school's psychologist to speak to the class about positive self-talk and offer advice on how to deal with negative feelings 
Classroom Considerations
  • As a mandated reporter, pay close attention to what pupils are writing on their charts and take necessary steps to where needed 
  • The chart works on improving one's self through positive self-talk 
  • Related social and emotional resources are listed at the bottom of the webpage 
  • None